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kulupu pi toki pona [entries|friends|calendar]
toki pona

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sike sijelo [22 Nov 2009|09:25pm]

meli lili li toki e ni tawa mama meli ona:

- tenpo suno ni la, mije pi tomo sona pi mi mute li wile e ni: mi pali e sike musi kepeken sijelo mi.

- en... sina pali ala pali e ni?

- pali...

- sina nasa mute! mije ni li wile taso lukin e len monsi sina!

- mi sona e ni. tan ni la, mi jo ala e len monsi!

toki sin anpa:
pali e sike musi kepeken sijelo = luka tu li lon supa anpa la, noka tu li lon sewi la, sijelo li pali e sike suli
toki 9 li lon|o sitelen e toki

telo lon mun [14 Nov 2009|08:07pm]

jan sona pi ma sike li kama sona et ni: mun li jo e telo!

tenpo kama la jan mun li ken lon lon mun! :)
o sitelen e toki

tomo toki pi jan Sonja [14 Jan 2003|06:35am]

jan Sonja li open e tomo toki sin
o kama!
o sitelen e toki

Part 3 Delay [30 Sep 2009|02:34pm]

mi ken ala sitelen e wan 3 pi toki mi tan ni: I'll be busy this week

Will post as soon as I'm free...

toki pona lon sona pilin [01 Jan 2003|05:33am]
jan Omar Mubin en jan pali ona li pana e ni:
"Using language tests and emotional expressions to determine the learnability of artificial languages"

ona li kepeken e toki pona tawa pali ona pi sona pilin.
mi pilin e ni: tenpo kama la jan sona ante mute li kepeken e toki pona tawa pali ona
toki 3 li lon|o sitelen e toki

Part 2 [18 Sep 2009|10:21am]

mi awen lon tomo pali la lupa li open. mi ken lukin e mama mije mi. ona li toki tawa mi: "tenpo suli ala tenpo suli la sina awen e mi?" mi toki e ni: "tenpo suli ala. tenpo lili la mi kama." mi ken lukin e ni: mama mije mi li pilin pona. kin la mi pilin pona tan ni: mama mije mi li lon.

mama mije mi li pona tawa mi. mi en jan sama mi li pona tawa ona. ona li jan pi pana sona lon tomo sona Sanlo li sona mute li pona li wile moku e telo seli. ona li jo e poki pi telo seli mute. taso ona li jo e poki pimeja. ona li kepeken ala e ni. poki ni li lon tomo.
toki 14 li lon|o sitelen e toki

Part 1 [16 Sep 2009|01:48pm]

mi tawa e tomo pali pi mama mije mi. mi tawa lon nasin pi tomo sona Sanlo. mi tawa la mi pilin e ni:  tenpo moku li lon la mi moku e seme? mi lon tomo pali la jan sama mi li lon. taso mama mije li lon ala. " mama mije li lon seme?" mi toki.  jan sama mili toki e ni: "mama mije li pana e sona. ona li toki e ni: o awen."
toki 4 li lon|o sitelen e toki

mije lili en nimi... [15 Sep 2009|02:51pm]

[ mood | wile pana e telo oko ]

sina jo ala jo e mije lili? nimi ona li seme? tan seme?

toki 3 li lon|o sitelen e toki

pali... [08 Sep 2009|02:47pm]

pali sina li seme? sina lon tomo sona suli la sina kama sona e sona seme?
toki 12 li lon|o sitelen e toki

jan lili mi li jo e tenpo suno pi kama lon ona!!!! [26 Aug 2009|01:53am]


ni li pona mute tawa mi. jan lili mi li jo e tenpo suno pi kama lon ona pi nanpa tu tu. tenpo ni la jan lili mi li ken lukin lili e sitelen toki. mi mute li wile tawa jan sama mi (Is that what stands for "my brother"?). ona li lon ma Samala. ni li nasin lili tan mi. mi mute li wile musi mute!!!!
toki 20 li lon|o sitelen e toki

toki! mi kama sona e toki pona. taso mi wile toki e toki kama sona. [20 Aug 2009|11:20pm]

First of all, is "toki sona kama jo" ('communication getting knowledge') the right term for "question"? And how would you say "first of all"? (I just seriously started learning toki pona the other day.)

OK, now I'm going to try this next part in both languages, then with my suggestion. Corrections are greatly appreciated.

In English:

I know portmanteaus are forbidden in toki pona, but what about connecting compound terms (noun-adj or verb-adv, not anything with prepositions, except maybe at the beginning) with apostrophes, like "jan'pona'mi"? It won't solve all the problems with ambiguous syntax, but I think that it would help while presenting minimal trouble to anyone not familiar with it.

lon toki pona:

mi sona e toki poka ike li ken ala. taso sina ken ala ken pana poka e toki poka (toki nimi en toki nimi ante anu toki pali en toki pali ante, ijo ala kepeken toki pini. taso ken lon kama) kepeken sitelin sewi lili, sama « jan'pona'mi »*? ijo li pona ala e ike ali lon toki ike. taso mi pilin e ijo li wile pona lili li pana e pakala lili lili tawa jan sona ala.

lon toki'pona kepeken ante'mi:

mi sona e toki'pona'ike li ken'ala. taso sina ken'ala'ken pana'poka e toki'poka (toki'nimi en toki'nimi'ante anu toki'pali en toki'pali'ante, ijo'ala kepeken toki'pini. taso ken lon kama) kepeken sitelin'sewi'lili, sama « jan'pona'mi »*? ijo li pona'ala e ike'ali lon toki'ike. taso mi pilin e ijo li wile'pona'lili li pana e pakala'lili'lili tawa jan sona'ala**.

* mi jan Mewika. taso sitelin Guillemets li pona tawa mi.
** o lukin lon nasin e ni mi tu e « jan » en « sona ala » kepeken ala*** « pi ».
*** pona ala pona « kepeken'ala »?


P.S.: If the apostrophes are too small, maybe dashes (pakala-lili-lili) or underscores (ken_ala_ken)?
toki 3 li lon|o sitelen e toki

toki kulupu [12 Aug 2009|10:32pm]

ilo toki Thunderbird
toki kulupu = email message
ilo pi toki kulupu = email client
tomo pi toki kulupu = email provider
ilo sona lawa pi toki kulupu = email server
kulupu pi jan toki = email contacts
nimi pi toki kulupu = email address
poki toki = inbox
toki pi pini ala = drafts
toki tan mi = sent
toki pakala = trash
toki ike = spam
pana e toki kepeken ilo kulupu = to send a message
kama jo e toki lon poki = to receive a message
sina jo e toki sin lon poki = you have new mail
poki sina li jo e toki pi mute ike li ken ala kama jo e toki sin: o weka e toki tan ona = "inbox full" alert
tomo toki sina li seme? = what's your email provider?
nimi kulupu sina li seme? = what's your email address?
toki 1 li lon|o sitelen e toki

toki musi tenpo pi ma Pilipina: jan lawa Kowi en wawa pi jan [03 Aug 2009|05:47pm]

[ mood | sad ]

jan lawa Kowason pi kulupu mama Akino (Corazon Aquino) li moli. lon ma Pilipina la jan mute mute li pilin ike. ona li jan lawa pi nanpa 11. jan lawa Petinan pi kulupu mama Mako (Ferdinand Marcos) li jan lawa pi nanpa 10 li jan lawa ike. jan lawa Petinan li jan lawa ike la jan pi ma Pilipina li pilin ike wawa mute. jan pi ma Pilipina li utala tan ni: jan lawa ike li lawa ala. lon tenpo suno 1986 la jan pi ma Pilipina li tawa e nasin Esa (Epifanio delos Santos Avenue/EDSA) ni li "wawa pi jan" (People Power) tan ni la jan Kowi li kama e jan lawa pi ma Pilipina.

lon tenpo sike 1986 tawa tenpo sike 1991 la jan lawa Kowi li jan lawa pi ma Pilipina. lon tenpo sike 2008 la ona li kama jo e sijelo pakala "Colon Cancer". lon tenpo suno pi nanpa wan pi tenpo mun pi nanpa 8 pi tenpo sike 2009 la jan lawa Kowi li moli.

jan Pusa

o sitelen e toki

learning toki pona [02 Aug 2009|11:03am]

mi wile kama sona e toki pona.

That's my first attempt at a sentence in toki pona. I am going to try to learn more, but without any materials, I think I am left to just struggling along. However, I was wondering if there were any way to talk about technical things like ... computer hardware and software? Or even linguistics? I know that more often than not these things are simply agreed upon aka- we decide to call this this, and in the case of toki pona, we decide that this will be said with this compound or phrase and so it is.
toki 9 li lon|o sitelen e toki

suno ala tan mun [22 Jul 2009|02:29pm]

ni li pona mute tawa mi: suno li lon la mun li weka e ona lon tenpo lili... sewi a! tenpo sike luka luka pini la jan pi ma Elopa li ken lukin e ni (o pilin e sitelen kepeken soweli lili):
ni li pona lukin mute tan ni: pimeja li lon tenpo suno! mun li pali e ni kepeken tenpo lili. ike a! suno li kama sin! taso tenpo suno ni la mun li weka e suno pi ma Asija kepeken tenpo suli: sina seme li lukin e ni?
o sitelen e toki

jan li tawa lon mun (pali nanpa tu) [20 Jul 2009|09:47pm]

o lukin e ilo Kukole pi tenpo suno ni:

mi pilin e ni: ona li tenpo suno suli tawa jan ali!

toki 4 li lon|o sitelen e toki

ma Somi [15 Jul 2009|08:24pm]

tenpo lili la mi en meli mi li tawa ma Somi. jan pi Toki Pona li lon ala lon ma Somi? mi wile lukin e ona li toki tawa ona.
toki 5 li lon|o sitelen e toki

mi wile e sina... [30 Jun 2009|01:54pm]

tawa tan pilin ike
pilin ike li ike tawa mi
tan ni: mi wan taso
pakala ni li suli tawa mi

taso mi lukin e sina
la mi pilin pona
mi kama wawa
tan ni: sina lon poka mi

mi wile e ni: tenpo ali la mi ken toki tawa sina
tenpo ali la mi pana e telo oko li lape
taso mi pini e lape mi
la sina li lon poka mi ala
toki 2 li lon|o sitelen e toki

jan Michael Jackson li moli! [26 Jun 2009|02:15am]


kalama musi ona li pona.

tawa musi ona li pona.

mi pilin ike tan moli ona.
toki 6 li lon|o sitelen e toki

musi Tetris [06 Jun 2009|01:25am]

sina kepeken ala kepeken e musi ni?

musi pi ilo sona li pona tawa sina, la sina wile pali e ijo ni! :)

toki 5 li lon|o sitelen e toki

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