jan Mato (janmate) wrote in tokipona,
jan Mato

News about TP Forums

The main toki pona forum has gone down. 

Here are some options the community can use while waiting for the forums to go back up:

jan Kute's forum - discussions are in toki pona, french and Esperanto.

jan Mato's forum - discussions in toki pona and English, and a section on other small languages.

ike a! lipu Polun li weka! mi pali e sin. tenpo pini la jan Kute li pali kin e sin. lipu pi jan Kute li kepeken e toki pona e toki Kanse.

lipu pi jan Mato li kepeken e toki pona e toki Inli. lipu pi jan Mato li toki pi toki lili ante kin.
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