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Grammar Question- so-called pi-predicates

O live journal. What accounts for your drop off in popularity?

The stuff after a li is usual an noun phrase, a verb phrase (transitive or intransitive) or a prepositional phrase. And then there is the pi-predicate. The pi-predicate doesn't act like a pi-chain in a noun phrase. It is a predicate that is a sort of transformation of li jo e.

Y li jo e X ==> X li pi Y

These are all examples from the community corpus

len ni li pi mi ala. tenpo ali la ma en ken en pona li pi sina. tenpo ale la ma la ken la nimi li pi sina. kili ni li pi mi. toki Epelanto li pi jan ali. tomo li pi mi insa ma tomo Kelejo, mi somo ma tomo. ilo ni li pi sina. ona li pi jan lawa pona.

What is unelegant about li pi is that to write a machine parser, I have to introduce a datastructure just for this, or treat li pi as a syntax error.

Also, afaik, pi predicates do not take direct objects. I'm not sure if they can be imperative, ilo o pi mi! but it's not hard to model them as such.

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toki sona

toki sona li suli tawa nasin pi toki ali. tan ni la mi wile sitelen e toki sona pi pali kepeken toki pona. tenpo mute la toki ni li pona lon toki pali taso. jan li wile toki e sama kepeken toki ante la, toki li ike kalama. mi wile sitelen e ni tawa awen sona.

jan sona li toki ala.
jan toki li sona ala
- jan Kipo

mi sona e ni taso:
mi sona ala.

- jan Alitotele (kepeken pi toki pona li tan mi)

mi lukin e toki sona ante la, ken la mi ante e lipu ni.
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News about TP Forums

The main toki pona forum has gone down. 

Here are some options the community can use while waiting for the forums to go back up:

jan Kute's forum - discussions are in toki pona, french and Esperanto.

jan Mato's forum - discussions in toki pona and English, and a section on other small languages.

ike a! lipu Polun li weka! mi pali e sin. tenpo pini la jan Kute li pali kin e sin. lipu pi jan Kute li kepeken e toki pona e toki Kanse.

lipu pi jan Mato li kepeken e toki pona e toki Inli. lipu pi jan Mato li toki pi toki lili ante kin.


pali NaNoWriMo li kama. mi wile sitelen kepeken toki pona. mi wile e ni:
- wan: mi wile kama sona pona e toki pona.
- tu: mi wile sona e pakala mi.

sina wile ala wile lukin e pali NaNoWriMo mi?

(I hope I'm making myself understood, I'm still very much a novice. Corrections are welcome!)